Ardeer High School opened on the corner of Glengala Road and Allison Street in 1979. Enrolments were declining when it was rebadged as a Secondary College in 1990. A major restructure of schools in the district occurred at the end of 1991 when six schools were amalgamated to form Sunshine College: Ardeer High, Sunshine Technical, Tottenham Technical, Sunshine High, Sunshine West High and Sunshine North Technical. The College operated from only four campuses, as Sunshine High and Tottenham Technical were closed. Ardeer became one of three junior campuses (Years 7-10), while Sunshine Technical becoming the senior (VCE) campus. This arrangement lasted until 2020, when new buildings on Lachlan Road (former Sunshine West High) and Northumberland Road (former Sunshine North Technical) were opened. This led to the closure of the Ardeer campus mid-year. It is too early to know what the future holds for the former Ardeer High School site.


Ardeer High School then


Ardeer High School now


Sunshine College acknowledges its origins (Our College>History). The Ardeer campus was expected to be closed at the start of 2020, but this was delayed.


Ardeer High School – public Facebook group

Ardeer High – Facebook group