Ardoch High School opened in 1977 under unusual circumstances. The Education Department purchased 53 old style apartments around Ardoch Avenue, for conversion to a 350 student school with an emphasis on disadvantaged and homeless youth. In 1988 it was merged with Windsor Technical to become the dual campus Ardoch-Windsor Secondary College. However, this only lasted until 1992, when the school was closed and the Ardoch apartments sold off. The buildings were added to the Victorian Heritage Register in 1993.


Ardoch High School then


Ardoch High School now


The Ardoch story has been well-documented by the St Kilda Historical Society. Ardoch Village Owners Corporation is very proud of its history, as is the Ardoch educational service.


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Former Ardoch Educational Centre – Victorian Heritage Register

Ardoch Windsor Secondary College Closure – ABC 7:30 Report, 1992