Bulla was an operational bluestone and timber school prior to the passing of the Education Act 1872. Located near Deep Creek it was transferred to the state system as State School 46. Listed on the Victorian Heritage Register in 1982, the address of 11 School Lane encompasses more than the school itself, including a pine plantation and suspension footbridge. Enrolments had declined to 46 in 1996 and the school was closed. The site was sold to private interests, initially as Sunbury Christian Community School.


Bulla Primary School then
‘Bulla C.S.Bulla Cs (right) Victoria’, photo by Laurie Burchell. Courtesy State Library of Victoria


Bulla Primary School now


The property has been on-sold over the years, most recently in January 2017 ($885k). Now protected by imposing security gates and CCTV, the heritage property appears to be in safe hands.


Former State School No. 46 – Victorian Heritage Register

State School No 46 – National Trust Register