State School 1071 was known as Specimen Hill when it became a Board of Education school in 1870. Located at 129 Eureka Street, it was rebuilt in imposing red brick in 1880. A major rationalisation of schools occurred in December 1993, when Eureka Street was merged with three other schools (Golden Point, Richards Street and Millbrook) to form Canadian Lead Primary. The Eureka Street and Richards Street schools were retained as campuses until the new school buildings in Otway Street South opened in 1997. The Eureka Street site was sold and subdivided for housing. Fortunately, the original brick building became a single private residence and has been lovingly restored.


Eureka Street Primary School then
‘Eureka Street Primary School, Ballarat, Victoria’, photo by Laurie Burchell. Courtesy State Library of Victoria


Eureka Street Primary School now
Photo by Hayden Bader, April 2021


Canadian Lead Primary School does not acknowledge its origins. While technically a new school with a new number on a new site, four schools disappeared in the process.

Although the sale price for the original building seems like a steal today ($126,500 in November 1999), it was in terrible condition at the time. The new owners invested heavily to achieve a wonderful result.


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