Footscray High School opened in temporary accommodation in January 1954, moving into a new building on Wembley Avenue a few months later. Although the site was in Yarraville, it was officially known as Footscray High. The school was rebadged as Footscray Yarraville Secondary College in 1990, but declining enrolments led to its closure in 1996. It was sold and demolished soon after to make way for a housing estate. Among its many prominent ex-students was Lynne Kosky, a reforming Education Minister in the Bracks Labor Government elected in 1999.


Footscray High School then


Footscray High School now


Not to be confused with the current Footscray High School, which was known as Footscray City College in 2019. This is the latest in a long series of name changes for Footscray Technical School (founded 1916).


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