State School 3688 opened in a one-room building on Glenmore Road in 1911. The Northcote Children’s Farm for British orphans opened nearby in 1937, which saw enrolments surge and led to the construction of a new five-room building for Glenmore in 1939. Northcote Farm operated until 1976, ultimately catering for under-privileged Victorian families. Upon its closure, enrolments at Glenmore Primary declined and the school itself was closed at the end of 1993. Meanwhile, its neighbour became Lady Northcote Recreation Camp, owned by the Victorian Government, and leased by the YMCA for youth programs. The Camp is also listed on the Victorian Heritage Register.


Glenmore Primary School then


Glenmore Primary School now


Lady Northcote Recreation Camp is still going strong. The Glenmore Primary building was absorbed into the village complex and is clearly visible today.


Lady Northcote Recreation Camp – Victorian Heritage Register

Lady Northcote Recreation Camp – Moorabool Shire Council