State School 4891 opened on Gloria Avenue in 1962. Enrolments sat at 695 in 1971, despite the departure of 200 students to the recently opened Wooranna Park Primary. However, by 2009 enrolments had fallen to 119. This led to the 2010 ‘merger’ with Lyndale Primary to form Lyndale Greens Primary, on the Lyndale site. Greenslopes Primary was closed, and the buildings demolished. The site was acquired by the nearby specialist school, Emerson School, which opened its middle campus in 2012.


Greenslopes Primary School then


Greenslopes Primary School now


Lyndale Greens Primary School acknowledges its origins, and Emerson School adds to the story.


No evidence of former students connecting online (e.g. Facebook). Dandenong and District Historical Society could be contacted.