State School 1467 opened in 1875 in a large gothic-style building on Malvern Road. It was known as Prahran until 1888, Prahran North until 1906, and finally Hawksburn. For most of its history the school had to cope with staggering enrolments – over 2,000 in 1888 – yet was closed in late 1993 after numbers had plummeted. The school grounds were sold off for housing while the heritage protected building became the new home for the Leonard Joel Auction House. The heritage listings are both National Trust and Victorian Heritage Register for this very significant structure.


Hawksburn Primary School then


Hawksburn Primary School now


The Leonard Joel Auction House is quieter than usual, with auctions conducted online since the onset of the coronavirus pandemic.


Primary School No. 1467 (Victorian Heritage Register) and Primary School – Hawksburn (National Trust)

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