State School 4267 opened as Heidelberg West in 1925, and was renamed Haig Street Primary in the mid-1990s. In late 2010 it was ‘merged’ with Bellfield Primary, Olympic Village Primary and Banksia La Trobe Secondary College to form the multi-campus Charles La Trobe P-12 College. The valuable Haig Street site was closed the following year and prepared for sale. This occurred in 2013, when the Victorian Government bundled the site with Bellfield Primary and Banksia Secondary College for sale to Banyule Council for $23m. The Council then on-sold the Haig Street site (for $16m) to developers for the construction of over 100 townhouses. In the meantime, population growth has taken off in the area.


Heidelberg West Primary School then
‘Haig Street primary school’, photo by Kathryn Jones


Heidelberg West Primary School now


If you are interested in buying a townhouse on the old school site, then The Haig Real Estate might be of interest. Take a stroll through Vin Heffernan park while you’re there – it was once the main entrance to the primary school.


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Heidelberg West State School Haig Street – Flickr. Note that Flickr holds other photos of Heidelberg West/Haig Street