Keysborough Common School opened in temporary accommodation in 1869. The Education Act was passed in 1872, and State School 1466 moved into a new brick school-room at 170 Chapel Road in 1874. It remained a small, rural school for much of its history. The school was closed in 1993 and sold in 1994 ($181,250). The school building lives on amidst a housing estate, and is now a private residence (15/170 Chapel Road). The former school should not be confused with the current Keysborough Primary, which was created in 2010 through a merger of Keysborough Park Primary and Coomoora Primary.


Keysborough Primary School then


Keysborough Primary School now


The former school sat derelict until 2014, leading to complaints from local residents. But a new housing estate was not far away, incorporating the old school building. 15/170 Chapel Road sold for $680,000 in 2017.


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