State School 1700 opened at 113 Glenlyon-Little Hampton Road in 1876. For close to 100 years enrolments sat in the mid-50s, which was an unusually high figure for a one room, one teacher school. The building itself proved hardy and was added to the Victorian Heritage Register in 1991. However, declining enrolments saw the school ‘merged’ with Trentham Primary at the end of 1993 to form Trentham District Primary. This meant consolidation on the Trentham site, and closure. The entire site was eventually sold and became a private residence.


Little Hampton Primary School then


Little Hampton Primary School now


Trentham District Primary School acknowledges its origins.

For many years the heritage listed building was surrounded by a collection of old trams and train carriages. The property was resold in April 2019 ($725K) and again in December 2021 ($935K), by which time the the old trams and trains had been removed.


Little Hampton Primary School No. 1700 – Victorian Heritage Register