State School 2120 opened in a red-brick classic on the corner of Jackson and Stanfield Streets in 1879. The building is an outstanding example of Henry Bastow design that consciously towers above the local area. Although the school was closed in 1992 it was protected by its listing on the Victorian Heritage Register. The site was acquired by the Bendigo-based training organisation CVGT Australia, and became its Head Office in 2003.


Long Gully Primary School then
‘Long Gully (school)’, photo by Laurie Burchell. Courtesy State Library of Victoria


Long Gully Primary School now


CVGT Australia provides a wide range of employment programs for the Bendigo region. Curiously, the 2003 foundation plaque does not mention the former school, but rather: “The beautification of the Jackson St heritage site”.


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Primary School No. 2020 – Victorian Heritage Register

Former Long Gully Primary School No. 2120 – Victorian Heritage Register