Malvern Girls School was opened in 1946, collocating in the buildings of the long-established Tooronga Road Central School (SS2586), now known as Malvern Primary School. Over the following 20 years increasing enrolments saw more classrooms taken from the primary school, purpose-built facilities added, and the status changed to Malvern Girls High School. The school closed at the end of 1993 and the buildings reverted to Malvern Primary use. Some former students made their way to a new entity: Melbourne Girls’ College.


Malvern Girls High School then
‘Tooronga Road Malvern (Malvern G.H.S.) Now Malvern Primary School’, photo by Laurie Burchell. Courtesy State Library of Victoria


Malvern Primary School now


Malvern Girls High School ‘lives on’, thanks to Malvern Primary School being listed on the Victorian Heritage Register. Across the river, Melbourne Girls’ College is now in its third decade.


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