Newlands High School opened in 1960 on Murray Road (alongside Merri Creek), the land having been hived off the grounds of Pentridge Prison. By 1962 all buildings were completed, and enrolments reached 643. The school was rebadged as a secondary college in 1990. However, numbers eventually declined, and the school was closed in December 1992. The buildings were demolished a few years later, and the land became part of the Pentridge Village housing development, featuring College Boulevard and Governors Road.


Newlands High School Then
‘Newlands high school’, Picture Victoria photo. Courtesy Coburg Historical Society


Newlands High School Now


Not many schools are built beside notorious prisons. Maybe the Education Department had a refined sense of humour in the late 1950s, with Coburg Teachers’ College built nearby. Talk about maintaining discipline in the classroom!


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