State School 2566 opened in 1883 on Boundary Road in a new red-brick building. Enrolments were high for most of its history, but doubled almost overnight when a nearby Housing Commission estate opened in 1967. To cope with the demand, in 1972 the Victorian Government determined that the existing buildings would be demolished to make way for a two-storey modern structure. This duly occurred, and the new building was opened in 1975. However, enrolments headed in the opposite direction, and the school was closed in 1996. The site was sold to make way for industrial facilities, mainly DTS Food Assurance. Ironically, if the original building had survived it would have acquired heritage protection.


North Melbourne Primary School - Boundary Road - then
‘Boundary Road State School, North Melbourne’, photo by Laurie Burchell. Courtesy State Library of Victoria


North Melbourne Primary School - Boundary Road - now


No change since our detailed Case Study. In July 2020 DTS Food Assurance will adopt the BVAQ brand name (i.e. Bureau Veritas AsureQuality Joint Venture).


Boundary Road Primary State School Nth Melbourne 1896-1970 School no. 2566 – public Facebook group