Oak Park High School opened in temporary accommodation in 1959 and moved into a new building on the corner of Plumpton Avenue and Rhodes Parade the following year. Enrolments reached 990 by 1963 and then settled, only to decline markedly in the 1980s. It was briefly rebadged as Oak Park Secondary College from 1990. Then in 1993 it was part of a mega merger, becoming a campus of Box Forest Secondary College along with Glenroy High, Glenroy Technical, Hadfield High and Fawkner Technical. However, at the end of 1997 the Oak Park campus was closed, and promptly sold. Moreland Council acquired the school gymnasium, which is now known as Oak Park Stadium, while most of the site became a housing estate featuring Esperanto Court, School Court and Barak Court. The only Box Forest Secondary campus to survive was the former Glenroy Technical School, further rebadged in 2010 as Glenroy College.


Oak Park High School then
‘1965 Form 5 Student Shots’, photo courtesy of Brien Blackshaw


Oak Park High School now


Glenroy College does not acknowledge its origins which, although complex, involves five former schools.

Moreland Council also acquired land behind Oak Park Stadium, which became Naree Naree Park.


Oak Park High School Victoria from 1959 until now – public Facebook group, rich in content.

Oak Park High School – public Facebook group