Sandridge State School (SS1427) opened in a red brick building on Nott Street in 1874. Soaring enrolments led to the opening of an annex in Graham Street in 1889. This arrangement lasted until 1908 when the schools were formally separated, with the two Port Melbourne primary schools being distinguished by their street names thereafter. Nott Street enrolments remained substantial for decades to come, sitting on 665 in 1969. Yet by 1992 enrolments had declined so markedly that the Nott Street school was ‘merged’ with Graham Street at the end of the year and closed. The former school remained an education institution though, with Port Phillip Specialist School relocating to the site in late 1996. In 2000 the Graham Street school was formally rebadged as Port Melbourne Primary School.


Port Melbourne Primary School (Nott Street) then
‘Port Melbourne S.S. 1427 Completed 1874’, photo by Laurie Burchell. Courtesy State Library of Victoria


Port Melbourne Primary School (Nott Street) now


The surviving school in Graham Street is proud of its rich history, and provides a good role model for all merged institutions. By comparison, Port Phillip Specialist School has nothing relevant to say about its Nott Street origins.


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