Syndal High School opened in temporary accommodation in 1967, moving to a permanent site on Medina Road in 1969. In 1971 the large site was divided in two, with the western half (Medina Road) becoming Glendal Primary School, and Syndal High concentrated in the eastern half (Rowitta Drive). In 1990 it was rebadged as Syndal Secondary College. Then in 1993 it was merged with Glen Waverley High and Lawrence Secondary College to form the triple campus Glen Waverley Secondary College. This was brief, for the Syndal campus was closed mid 1996 (Lawrence campus had closed end 1994), and students consolidated on the Glen Waverley campus. Most of the site was promptly sold to make way for a housing estate on Nottingham Street and Knightsbridge Court. The remainder, including the gymnasium/hall, was added to the Glendal Primary grounds.


Syndal High School then
Syndal High School (circa 1987). Source unknown.


Syndal High School now


Glen Waverley Secondary College acknowledges its origins. Glendal Primary School uses the surviving school hall as its Sports & Performing Arts Complex. Former students travelling along the extended Nottingham Street must be fascinated by the reorientation of the old school grounds.


Syndal High School – public Facebook group with a very large membership