State School 3476 opened in temporary accommodation in 1904, and the school moved to a new building at 58 Hall Road in 1907. The January 1939 bushfires destroyed the site and the school operated out of tents until a new building was completed later that year. Enrolments were 126 in 1969, but gradually declined thereafter. The school was closed in 1995 and sold in May 1996 ($323,500), becoming home to the inter-church youth organisation, Youth Dimension. In 2018 it was resold, to Donvale Christian College, which is converting the heritage protected site to a Year 9 Centre (to open 2021).


Warrandyte South Primary School then
Photo courtesy of Victorian Heritage Register


Warrandyte South Primary School now


Neither Youth Dimension nor Donvale Christian College acknowledges the former primary school. But the City of Manningham heritage overlay is working: Youth Dimension restored the original building and Donvale’s Year 9 Centre development will refurbish it.

In 1996, Warranwood Primary School opened as a replacement for Warrandyte South Primary. Fortunately, the new school acknowledges the historical connection.


Warrandyte South 3134 Historical Page – public Facebook group that includes the former primary school

Warrandyte South Primary School No. 3476 (former) – Victorian Heritage Register