Holmesglen High School opened in temporary accommodation on 7 February 1956 with 102 pupils. It was renamed Jordanville High on 17 February and then Waverley High on 26 March. Late that year the school moved into its new building on the corner of Waverley and Huntingdale Roads. Enrolments rose to 208 in 1957 and soared to 725 by 1959. More buildings were added and an elevated football oval, using soil excavated from the new Chadstone Shopping Centre site. Enrolments peaked at 900 in 1961 then plateaued until gradually declining after 1971. It was rebadged as a Secondary College in 1990 by which time numbers were in marked decline. At the end of 1991 it was ‘merged’ with Mount Waverley High and became a subsidiary campus until the mid-1990s. The site was left to the elements and vandalism until demolished in early 1997, making way for a housing estate featuring Savannah Place and Kierens Way.


Waverley High School Then
Photo courtesy of WHS 1970-1975 40th Reunion Facebook group


Waverley High School Now


The housing estate was poorly designed, resulting in the Elmtree Terrace properties backing on to Waverley Road. An unnecessary eyesore for commuters, and a sad way to ‘acknowledge’ the former school.


WHS 1970-1975 40th Reunion – public Facebook group

Waverley High School – private Facebook group