State School 1689 opened on King Street in 1875 in a Terry and Oakden (Architects) designed building. Enrolments were substantial for much of its history, but declined markedly in the late 20th century to the extent that the school was closed in 1992. The building has National Trust heritage protection, being a striking example of school design from the Henry Bastow era. The Salvation Army acquired the site in the late 1990s and it became their Flagstaff Crisis Accommodation Centre.


West Melbourne Primary School then


West Melbourne Primary School now


The former school served as a child care centre for several years before it was acquired by the Salvation Army. Refurbished and extended, the Flagstaff Crisis Accommodation Centre was opened in 1998.


Former West Melbourne Primary School No. 1689 – National Trust heritage listing

West Melbourne Primary School – photos by Laurie Burchell, State Library of Victoria collection