Prahran Technical School underwent a series of transformations in the 1970s-80s. After the original High Street campus became a tertiary institution, the Union Street campus and the Hornby Street campus were rebadged as Windsor Technical School in 1980. Then the Union Street campus was closed, leaving only the Hornby Street site (originally the Girls Technical School) by 1988. The remaining campus then merged with Ardoch High to become the dual campus Ardoch-Windsor Secondary College, aimed at students who did not ‘fit in’ to mainstream schools. However, this only lasted until 1992, when the school was closed and both campuses sold. The Hornby Street buildings were promptly demolished to make way for a housing estate.


Windsor Technical School then


Windsor Technical School now


For a detailed history of Prahran Technical School up to 1971, see The Best Time of their Lives by Dr Judith Buckrich (Public Record Office Victoria).


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